Eat me…

I less than subtly hinted yesterday that I was awestruck by Mary Te Selle’s edible borders which were another facet of her garden design (ground level) surrounding her treehouse retreat at the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show. Amidst a playful selection of succulents there was chard, and that overlapping leaf in the shot is an artichoke frond. It makes sense to elevate edible’s status from that of being consigned to some out of the way spot in the yard not unlike a dust bunny or stray sock  found under the bed. I mean really, it’s not often the case that one even has the space to do that, and the plants are certainly  just as visually interesting.  I yearn to do more of the mix tape of planting in my front yard but have the deer issue to contend with so am currently testing some Japanese eggplant, strawberries and standby herbs like Rosemary which I know will be left unmolested.

My current front yard fave is the Fragaria vesca, “Golden Alexandria”  or for the rest of us an Alpine strawberry with couture pleated chartreuse foliage.  I would treasure these anyway but in combination with lighting up a semi shady area under an Oak, I’m a convert.  I found these specimens at Annie’s Annuals, one of my favorite plant nurseries.  There’s a link, check them out…

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