Ten years old, only better…

Mary Te Selle’s inspired garden design was perhaps my favorite at the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show. She’s the landscape architect behind http://www.quitecontrarygardening.com/ This design was equally  playful and practical. In some reading I’ve done recently on the nature of happiness it was suggested to look at what one was interested in at around age ten for the source of some of our passions. I’ve been exploring the concept with a hearty helping of skepticism but found the ten year old theory potentially plausible when I saw this fantastic retreat of a treehouse.  Total projection on my part, perhaps Mary Te Selle hated dirt as a child.  I could easily visualize hanging out overhead on a warm summer day enjoying a crisp glass of Rose and perhaps tossing the pits from the Castelvetrano olives that were being snacked on at unsuspecting passers -by.   The imaginative nature of ten with the perks of being way beyond.

The second aspect of her garden design that I fell for were the edible borders, but more on that later…

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