Where do French fries come from?

Damn it! I forgot to set the Tivo for yesterday evening’s premier of “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.” As that error stands corrected I feel free to comment. I’m curious to see how the show progresses. I live in an organic haven, the foodie bubble if you will of Marin County. The entire Bay Area is our farm. That said, Miller Creek Middle School where my son is working his way through sixth grade sells Snapple and soda’s albeit Izzy’s which contain sugar instead of corn syrup. Actually that would be “cane sugar” the current popular marketing terminology. Also available for the students are the much consumed Flaming Hot Cheetos. I’ve heard first hand from my son’s pediatrician about kids with symptoms resembling appendicitis from overindulgence in said snack foods. I’m not even getting into the list of unpronounceable ingredients. Perhaps a ban would just increase the desirability, I don’t know.

One thought on “Where do French fries come from?

  1. Well, if people won’t make sensible eating choices on their own, why not try the “Reality TV” approach?

    I do understand the allure of snack foods to children, though. And if they’re not available in schools, at least that’s six hours a day kids are not eating them. Having said (or written) that, I often buy a bag of Barbara’s Jalapeño Cheese Puffs along with my organic yogurt, no-spay oranges and Marin Sun Farms grass-fed beef (the list of ingredients is still pretty long, but most of them could be found in your fridge or pantry). But, yes, I think an out-right ban would add a desirability factor. We used to have what was called the snack cupboard to which the kids had free access. They did, in their various ways, tend to self regulate.

    One observation I have, regarding weight problems among Americans, is that when you see people out and about, they are often eating or drinking something, snacking, having a treat. And I have to think that this all outside of regular meals.

    You are right, of course. We do live in a bubble of farm fresh, responsibly raised food. I wish that bubble could be extended to more people. Perhaps Mr. Oliver’s program will help that to happen.

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