Expectations are like playing with fireworks blindfolded…

I’m tired and distracted but not enough to exclude the thought that while I intellectually understand the concept of mulch I just don’t find it esthetically pleasing. I don’t mind the cocoa hull stuff but my understanding is that it’s poisonous to pets which rules out our household for application. For the two years that my home was leased ( a complicated and in the end not that interesting saga) someone went bark happy.  I have to excavate just to reach some dirt.  I think it all goes back to elementary school and trying to impress Jeff (we will say that’s his name) with a cherry drop off the monkey bars.  I landed solidly on my hands and knees a small cloud of red bark dust wafting up.  This was the same varietal of bark that is strewn throughout the yard.

While perhaps more decorative than functional I was excited to see this creative recycling of corks (because we are all green and sustainable these days and one can never go wrong with another reason to open a bottle of wine) at the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show. The long line for ticket holders while shorter lines for those of us who did not plan in advance had a few gardeners, generally of the female persuasion and more middle-aged than myself going ballistic. Overall I was not extraordinarily moved by the show but there were a couple of elements that I found exciting.  My cork mulch may look something more like opening the kitchen, or hell front door and tossing one out.  Than again I might surprise myself and pull out some decorative moss.

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